Become a Coach

For a typical home or small business owner, replacing a heating or cooling system is an infrequent event. Learning about the latest technology and getting quotes from multiple installers can be very time consuming and confusing. A volunteer coach can help a homeowner get informed and become more confident that they’re choosing the installer and equipment that best meets their needs and budget, and reduces their carbon footprint.

Serving as a volunteer coach has multiple benefits

  • A great way to meet and help others in your community
  • Each home is unique — you’ll learn as you go about the challenges and solutions to electrifying heating
  • Personal gratification when clients have systems a heat pump installed. You’ll know you’re doing making a measurable contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

We have developed a suite of Coaching Tools to bring new coaches up to speed and establish standard practices that assure a quality experience for coaching clients. You don’t need to be an expert. Coaching can be done at different levels, from basic to advanced. At the basic level, coaches explain the motivation for converting to heat pumps and the types of systems available, how to get an energy audits and how to identify suitable installers. At the advanced level, coaches may analyze past energy use to assess a home’s efficiency and heating requirements and help the homeowner evaluate proposals.  Volunteer coaching can be done at a pace and time commitment that suits your schedule, from an occasional effort to a full-time retirement gig.

Coaching Basics Training, Fall 2023

We are offering a five-session Heat Pump Coaching Basics training course this Fall, starting in early November and ending before the December holidays. Download the course flyer to learn more and register here if you are interested.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you’re interested in learning more or ready to get started, download our guide (a PDF).
Wayland, MA volunteer coach and client