Coaching Tools

We developed these tools for our volunteer coaches, but they may be useful to any type of energy coaching service provided by volunteers or paid staff. All tools are free, however to access some you must supply minimal information so we can notify you when we update the tool(s). We will not share the information you provide with third parties.

Coaching Model

A comprehensive yet flexible Coaching Model that guides the conduct, engagement process, training, and improvement of our volunteer coaches. Learn more

Heat Load Analysis Tool

A Microsoft Excel workbook template that can be used to estimate a home’s heat loss rate and total heat load based on fuel usage history. This tool provides a precursor or supplement to standard Manual J analysis. Learn more

Homeowner Questionnaire and Liability Waiver

Our volunteer coaches ask every client to complete our homeowner questionnaire and liability waiver. We gate further engagement on return of these forms. Since it does not take much time to complete these forms (less than 15 minutes), a client who does not return the forms is unlikely to complete the time consuming process of getting quotes from heat pump installers, selecting an installer and completing installation.

All Alliance tools are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License