Choosing an Installer

Finding the right equipment installer to meet your needs is very important.  There are a number of quality HVAC installers in our area; there are also some installers which don’t consider heat pumps a viable heating option for cold climates (but we beg to disagree!).  If you encounter an HVAC contractor who isn’t familiar with heat pumps as a viable heating option for cold climates, we’d be happy to point them to resources for finding certified cold climate heat pumps, and understanding how they work.

Below are some resources for choosing an installer.  We recommend contacting multiple installers to obtain quotes, asking questions, and not choosing an installer just on price.  Please contact us to request help from a local HeatSmart Alliance volunteer coach who can help you identify installers who may be suited to your needs and help you understand the proposals you receive.

  • MassCEC Air-Source Heat Pump Rebate Database:  This page has a comparison tool with air-source heat pump installers that have qualified for MassCEC rebates, by town and average installed cost;
  • MassCEC List of Ground-Source Heat Pump installers: This list contains air-source heat pump installers that have qualified for MassCEC rebates and also provides a guide to questions to ask them. While Concord residents are not eligible for MassCEC rebates, they can use MassCEC participating installers.