Our Mission

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by accelerating adoption of energy-efficient heat pumps in Massachusetts homes and buildings.

Did you know...

HEET Geo Micro Districts

To achieve climate goals, we need to phase out natural gas. Our partner HEET has led the way in proposing an alternative business for gas utilities:  “GeoMicroDistricts’ that will use interconnected ground-source heat pumps, reducing emissions and improving safety. Several pilot projects are now in development.

HeatSmart Alliance in the News

A heat-pump coach has a sign in front of her home to spur conversations in Wayland, Massachusetts. (Courtesy of Anne Harris)

Local Events

We provide presenters on green heating and cooling for virtual and in-person events 


HP Outdoor Unit

Resources for learning about heat pumps for your residence or commercial building

Get Help

Northeastern University study of maintaining comfort while reducing emissions

Our volunteer coaches can help you choose an installer and heat pump 


Help us grow and connect with more communities and HVAC professionals 

We are a volunteer group that promotes adoption of low-emissions heating, cooling and related technology in our communities.  Our group has grown out of the HeatSmart Massachusetts program sponsored by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC). Learn more…

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