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Replacing an existing heating/cooling system or water heater, or adding air conditioning, can be a time-consuming and confusing process. It’s best to start this process well before the existing system fails to allow time to learn about heat pump options, obtain multiple quotes from installers and make an informed decision. A volunteer or paid coach or advocate who does not have a financial stake in the outcome can help you get started and, in some cases, guide you all the way through the process.

Some Massachusetts communities have local energy coaching programs for residents while others are served by HeatSmart Alliance volunteer coaches. Check the table below to see if your Massachusetts community is listed. If so, you can request a coach from the local program or the HeatSmart Alliance via the associated link in the table. If your community is not listed but served by the Mass Save program, you can request a no-cost consultation with a Mass Save Heating and Cooling Specialist.

Massachusetts Communities Offering Coaching

See if your community is listed in the table below and request a coach by following the associated link.

The coach who walked us through the whole process of replacing our aging heating systems was incredibly helpful.
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Jo S.
Wayland, MA
We reviewed all options with our coach. He was fabulous at explaining the different options, comparing the proposal costs, and suggesting questions to ask the installers. He is the wonder energy coach.
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Shirley H.
Natick, MA

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