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Replacing an existing heating/cooling system or water heater, or adding air conditioning, can be a time-consuming and confusing process. It’s best to start this process well before the existing system fails to allow time for learning about heat pumps, obtaining multiple quotes and making an informed decision. We have volunteer coaches who can guide homeowners through this process. Our coaches adhere to our well defined coaching principles and follow our standard engagement process so that each client has a consistent, high-quality experience. Coaches help clients become better informed so they can confidently make their own decisions.

Our volunteer coaching services generally include:

  • Consulting with the clients to assess their goals, the current situation with their home or business and existing heating system;
  • Assessing what heating/cooling and/or water-heating equipment configurations might be best suited to their needs;
  • Helping clients understand how heat pumps compare with conventional systems, and what questions to ask so that an appropriate system is installed to their satisfaction;
  • Guiding the clients through the process of getting an energy audit in order to understand weatherization measures that improve heat pump performance;
  • Guiding the clients through the process of engaging installers;
  • Optionally, assisting clients with comparing quotes, understanding the options being offered, and suggesting follow-up questions; 
  • Optionally, analyzing a home’s heating requirements based on past fuel usage. 

Our aim is to make the process of switching  to heat pumps easier while respecting the client’s needs and priorities.  Our volunteer coaches are not HVAC professionals, but they have a good understanding of home heating and cooling systems, and heat pump water heaters, and should be able to answer your specific questions or find someone who can.

Please note

  • Coaching services may be offered via video-conference, telephone, or in-person (if both homeowner and coach choose to do so).
  • Access to coaching services depends on the community of residence and the availability of a trained, volunteer coach who serves that community.
  • While our coaches do not accept payment or gifts for their services, the Alliance welcomes tax-deductible donations to acknowledge the benefits they provide (see Support Us).
The coach who walked us through the whole process of replacing our aging heating systems was incredibly helpful.
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Jo S.
Wayland, MA
We reviewed all options with our coach. He was fabulous at explaining the different options, comparing the proposal costs, and suggesting questions to ask the installers. He is the wonder energy coach.
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Shirley H.
Natick, MA

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