Our Coaching Model

The HeatSmart Alliance has developed a comprehensive yet flexible Coaching Model that guides the conduct, engagement process, training, and development of our volunteer coaches. The intent of this Coaching Model is to provide a productive, high-quality service that benefits clients and coaches, and is consistent with the Alliance’s mission.

The Coaching Model has four components:

  • Coaching Principles – overarching principles that guide our coach’s behavior and actions for the benefit of clients, coaches, and the Alliance (view the principles
  • Knowledge and Skills Matrix – a table with three levels (basic, intermediate and advanced) that coaches can use for self assessment and understanding their capabilities relative to client needs
  • Engagement Process – description of the steps, mandatory and optional, in a typical client engagement 
  • Continuous Improvement Process  – a process and guidelines for onboarding new coaches, and providing a path for coaches to continuously improve their practices through training, practical experience, and assessment.

Download the Coaching Model

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